The only guaranteed system on the market today! First, I would like to thank you for your interest in our products! We formed X-Factor in 2005 with a few basic principals, our promise to you is to produce the best and highest quality products on the market today! Remember we don't just say it, we back it: "No product will hit the market from us without a guarantee!"


A few of the Southern Bowhunting.com staff have recently become members of the X-Factor Outdoors Pro-staff. As such, we were supplied with X-Factor products designed for noise suppression and vibration dampening on our bows. When I received the X-Factor Systems, I was very pleased with the look and quality of each piece of the system. Though, I was pleased with what I saw and felt, before installing the products on my bow, I decided to do some testing and comparisons of the X-Factor System with the competitors products that were previously on my bow. When I completed the testing on my bow, I then took out my sons bow (a Fred Bear Vapor 300), and tested the X-Factor system on a second bow. I was sent five of the X-Factor Outdoors Systems for our staff and randomly chose three of the systems for weight comparisons.

Todd and Kristy Williams at X-Factor Outdoors have developed a system consisting of the String Factor (silencers), Limb Factor (limb vibration dampener), Stabilizers, Stabilizer Quick Connects (see pic below), and the Weight Factor (weights that can be added to your stabilizer). The String Factor, Limb Factor, and Stabilizer are made of a special A-Tech Rubber compound they have developed. The members of the SBH staff has chosen not to use the Weight Factor products at this time. The X-Factor Outdoors products are the only products, of their kind, on the market that comes with a guarantee......the String Factor silencers come with a lifetime guarantee. These products are advertised as a product that will revolutionize the industry.


Visit the Southern Bowhunting.com website and check out the full review and rigorus testing performed by the Staff at Southern Bowhunting.com!

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