Xtreme Balance Stabilizer- SBT

  •  New X-Factor Xtreme Balance Stabilizer comes in 6, 8, 9,10 and 12” Bars!
  • We Use a Thermosetting Polymer Epoxy on our Bars same as Golf Clubs for Lifetime Durability!
  • Unlike our competitors, our weights are slip on instead of screw on. We do this to make sure the weights stay secure and will not vibrate loose. 
  •  Comes with 3.5 oz. of end weight which adds 1-5/8 inch of additional length to stablizer. Additional weight can be added!
  • Capped with our Patented A-Tech Rubber SBT END for vibration and sound control!
  • 100% American Made and carries Manufacturer Guarantee!


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